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We are Cor, Wilma, Elisabeth and Tommy. We live with our family in a small village called Dronten.

We share our home with 7 cotons at this moment.

Wilma with her apple of the eye Spikey...

My name is Wilma. Once I started breeding dogs with my Bouviers des Flandres, that was 18 years ago. About 12 years ago I bought my first coton at the From Angel Station kennel here in teh Netherlands. As many coton owners know it’s an addiction when you once start it…so soon we bought our second Coton and the first "Cattledrivers Castle" Coton’s where born.

My official profession is groomer but I also have my kennelcertificate. I'm not in profession right now because I spend all my time with our own dogs.

I wrote the only dutch book about the Coton de Tuléar, more information about it you can find elsewhere on my site.
At the moment 24 litters where born at Cattledrivers.

All our dogs live with us in the house as part of our family and also our baby's are born and raised in the living room.

Cor and Newfie pup Sara...

Hi I’m Cor. As the above picture shows I’m a ‘Newfoundlander’ man from origin but by marrying with Wilma I also kind of married her Cotons. Soon I found out that this little rascals are small but have a big character.

And eventhough we share our lives with 2 Newfie’s still I also became crazy about this little clowns called the Coton de Tuléar….


Hi I’m Elisabeth. I’m working as a child psychologist.

My favorite thing to do with the dogs is hugging the babies. I’m very dedicated to socialising the puppies and love to go for a walk with my girlspack.

My big dream is to enter the Coton de Tuléar into a therapy programm for childeren…

I live in my own house now and took 2 of my girls with me.


I’m Tommy. I’m a student Ecologie at the universaty of Amsterdam. I am also a proffesional photographer.

My favorite thing to do with the dogs is taking our Newfie’s out to the woods and of course photograph them…

Want to see more of my work as a photographer ? Go visit my website at : www.thomasverschut.nl