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The puppies after Julie & Janus ( Jessie ) are born, more info you can find on our puppy pages.
Information on Julie and Kensi, our youngsters, you can find for now on our dutch pages, please be pateint till updated here.

All puppies are safe with their new owners. Little Julie stays with us for now.

We possibly have an adult (stud) male to replace for very serieus and determent people, possibly breedershome.

For more info please send us a message.

Happy and healthy 2017 !! *** New picture's from our puppies at the puppy page !!
We have puppies, one boy is still available, please check on our puppy page !

From Germany we received the great news that Mowgli Cattledrivers Castle ( O : M. Patzelt) did a great job again at show in Steinhausen ( D)

He got 1-st place in juniorclass and got J-CAC and became best Juniordog !

Big congratulations to owners Martina, Norbert and Lizzy.

Puppies from Vienna and Kalle are born, we have 3 boys and 1 girl, for more info look at our puppy pages !
Vienna and Kalle expect their puppies around 1-th of march 2016...for more info check our puppy page !

Breedspecialty, breedclub the Netherlands, We participated with 3 of our dogs. Very nice results for our Kalle, he won Veteranclass with Ex. 1 and CAC -Vet., in final judgements he became BOB. In the ring of honour he first won Best Veteranin show under judge Inger Ronander, together with Vienna he won Best Brace in Show under judge Pieter Burema and as Cherry on the Cake, he won Reserve Best in Show under judge Hassi Assenmacher !!

No need to say we are proud !

The puppies from Esprit are born. More news can be seen on our puppy pages.

We look forward to have puppysmell in the house again !!

Today our veterinairian confirmed the pregnancy of little Esprit. ( Cotonfield Coton D'Amour) For more info see our puppy page.


Championship clubshow of our breedclub. We went theer with Keona, our veteran, and Valentino.

Great day forour kennel, Keona got 1 exc. in veteranclass and became best female with CAC, Valentino got 1 Exc. in breedersclass with CAC and became Best of Breed which gave him 2 new title : Clubwinner 2014 and Dutch Champion

Best veteran this day was Capuchino Cattledrivers Castle, owned by our friend Rinske v/d Meulen, she also got best puppy with her new of spring Britney of Colorful White, our Valentino's first ofspring in the showring ! Congratulations Rinske with this great results !


Double show in Zwolle.

First day, Valentino had no good mood, he got VG.Esprit got res. CAC res.CACIB, with this result she is now official "Dutch Champion "

Second day, Valentino got reserve CAC and full CACIB, esprit got CAC - CACIB and became best female.

Last week Kalle was mated by Vienna, if she is pregnant we expect puppies in Februari 2014 !! It's a repeat of a well proven combination.
Today 3 of our breedingdogs tested for their eyes again, all 3 clear results for PRA and Cataract again.( Kalle, Valentino en Vienna )

Today clubshow of our breedclub, we went there with 4 of our dogs, another nice day with good results for our dogs...

Kalle Cattledrivers Castle 1 Exc. en veteran CAC which makes him a veteran champion now.Kalle got a great 3-th place in ring of honour.

Keona Cattledrivers Castle 1 Exc., veteran CAC, CAC en BOB, best of breed, Clubwinner 2013 also Keona became a veteran champion today. She became 5-th in the ring of honour which of course made me happy !

Cotonfield Coton D'Ámour ( Esprit) 1 Exc and res CAC.

Valentino Cattledrivers Castle 1 Exc. Res. CAC.

Kalle and Keona were entered in braceclass together, they still can do it !! Judge Mrs Stuifenbergen-Hoetjes placed them 1-st !!!

We have a new girl....her name is Sejer Milland Yasmin and we got her from our colleque breeder and friend Aage Sejer Hanssen. We hope Yasmin will bring some new blood for our kennel.

Show in Zwolle with Keona en Esprit, another great day for our kennel...Esprit( Cotonfield Coton D'Amour) got a 1 Exc. with Res.CAC , Keona 1 Exc. with Vet.CAC en CAC, best female.Keona was allowed to show up in ring of honour twice.., it gave us 2 times a selection, in Group 9 she got TOP results with BEST IN GROUP 9 !! This is teh first tim ewe get such super result of winning the breedgroep with one of our Coton's and we are sooo proud..it's a unique happening for our country. We had to get back for best in Show ring next day in which she archieved a 8-th placement.


Show in Rotterdam with Keona en Esprit, Keona 1 Exc. res. CAC en veteran CAC, Esprit became best of breed BOB - CAC en Junior - CAC...in the ring of honour both girls archieved great results, Keona became 5-th best veteran in show and little Cotonfield Coton D'Amour got a super reserve best in group 9 !!

Update on puppy pages, new photo's from 5 weeks in age.
Kalle has been to teh eyevet again, and we are happy that he was found clear again for all eyeproblems.
New puppy picture's
New picture's of the puppies...
Today Vienna's puppies were born. She gave us 3 females and 1 male ..we are so happy with them !! For more info check out our puppy pages.....

Today we went to the vet with Vienna for an ultrasound... Dr. Paul van Aalst has confirmed her pregnancy !!

We also took Valentijn to Dr. Bob Carriere, orthopedic vet specialist, to test his knees, he is found clear for Patella Luxation, 0/0, a great result !


Our website has not been updated for to long. We are about to change that now...

We started with our puppy pages, we hope for new arrivals when Santa comes in winter 2012....check our puppy page for our planns.

Besides that we have a lovely and sweet new addition to our kennel, she came to us all the way from Canada, from Diane Benaroch at Cotonfield kennels. her name is 'Cotonfield Esprit d'Amour " and she is quit a little loveball.

We work on an own page for her too.

Also our Valentino has grown a bit, we have added new pictures of him on his own page.

On the national show in Alkmaar 8-th of September 2012 Vienna became official Dutch Champion by getting BOB with CAC. Valentijn also did good his first show, he received J-CAC and CAC and best male.


IN MEMORIAM " Xantippe des Petites Folies "

That new life and death are close to eachother we experienced again today. With a lot of pain in our hearts we had to say goodbye forever to our little Xanti, to safe her from more pain.

We will mis her very much, she was loving and gentle, had the most wonderfull character, always around.

In our kennel she lives on in her childeren and grandchilderen Kalle, Keona, Babs, Domino, Honesty and Valentino.

She ment a lot for our breeding, gave us 7 direct champions.

In her first litter "Victoria Cattledrivers Castle"

In her second litter " Born for Me Cattledrivers Castle "

In her 3-th litter " Cesario Cattledrivers Castle, Capuchino Cattledrivers Castle" and our breeding female Coton Carmel Cattledrivers Castle ( who only missed 1 point for her tittle)

In her 4-th litter "Nina Ricci Cattledrivers Castle "

In her last litter our "Kalle Cattledrivers Castle" and "Keona Cattledrivers Castle"...

Thank you dear Xanti for all those precious dogs but above all that for all your love and loyalty you gave us during your life...You're now with Sheila and Ruby playing across the bridge....Till we meet again girl !! Love you...


New pictures of the puppies.
On the 12-th of februari 3 little baby boys were born from Sidsel and Domino. Check our puppy page for more information.
We have been to ultrasound with Sidsel, good news : Sidsel and Domino are getting babies soon !

First of all a very happy 2012 from all of us at Cattledrivers Castle !

The puppies have been gone to their new homes just before Christmas and do all very well. Except for Valentine, he stays with us.

We hope to have Sidsel pregnant, expected date of birth for her puppies is halfway Februari .

Domino has been to the eyevet last week and was free of PRA and Cataract.

New pictures of the puppies, already almost 6 weeks again...time flies when your having fun ! They develop all wonderfull...
New pictures on our puppy page and Sidsel has her own page now on our website.

Finnaly we have puppies again at Cattledrivers !

4 beautiful little boys were born out of Vienna and Kalle. We expect a lot out of this very promising combination !

First pictures are on the puppy site.


We have a new adult female in our kennel :

Her name is : Sejer Milland Sidsel...(Sejer Milland Nathalie x Arnold du Clos d'Emma )

She was owned and bred by Aage and Anita Sejer Hansen and we are happy we can continue their work with her. We hope to have a litter with her in 2012.

Two days at show with Domino in Recklinghausen ( Germany) He got great results again, both days he got a first place with Excellent CAC-VDH and CAC-CTV and became Best of Breed !

World Dogshow in Paris

With Kalle and Vienna we drove to Paris together with our friend Rinske and her dogs, where we visited the Worlddogshow and the National championships de France. For both days we got great results. On the French Championships Kalle became 4-th placed in Championsclass and Vienna received Reserve CAC with her first place in Intermediate class !

Also on Worlddogshow great results,Kalle received an excellent and for Vienna again a first place in het class (intermediate) with reserve CAC ! That was a very good result with 120 dogs ! entered ! We are so proud at our little girl !




On May the 27-th we had to say goodbye very unexpected to our Ruby. With a lot of pain in our hearts we had to let her go. She was 14 1/2 years old.

She has always given us a lot..Thank you my dear Ruby....I bet your playing with Sheila now across the rainbowbridge.

One day we will meet again !

A big step for us at Cattledrivers...Today our entrance is filled up with boxes...containing : Our brand new book about the Coton de Tuléar in English language. After many requests and years of work we finnaly are able to say : It's available to order now ! 144 pages, full color...see for more info under the button " Book " to order your copy !
We received today our testresults for our dogs who have all been tested for Bandera's Syndrome. We are very happy to tell that all are found clear ! We also are almost ready now DNA certifying all our dogs, so we can garantee the pedigree of our puppies from teh past and in the future .
International show with Vienna, she did a real great job again, 1 Ex. with CAC/CACIB and BOB for her today. In GROUP 9 she did really well with a 6-th place !
Keona has been mated, we hope for puppies in July 2011 !!

Breed specialty of our toydog club, Kalle and Vienna were entered and did both superb ! Kalle took 1 U CAC and BOB, Vienna was best female and took 1 U CAC also. In main ring of honour Kalle did real well by becoming "RESERVE BEST IN SHOW" ! The boy can still do it !!


Easter show in Leeuwarden, No CAC today for Vienna, she got Ex. 1 in het class, We congratulate Rinske and Karena with the CAC they won today.


INternational dogshow Groningen today with Domino and Vienna. Great results again, Domino got 1 Ex. CAC / CACIB and Vienna took 1 U CAC and CACIB and became BOB.

With this result Domino is Dutch and Dansk champion.

Vienna was selected the best 5 in ring of honour !!

Internationalshow with Vienna in Eindhoven. She got 1 Ex. and reserve CAC/res. CACIB. Congratulations Toos and Betty with winning the CAC and Betty's championship !

We have been in Denmark this weekend to pick up Domino again. After staying with Aage and Anite a while, he now is back home again.

We love to have this happy little fellow back home again.

First show this year for Vienna, Castopp Rauxel ( Germany ) Vienna took 1 Ex. with CAC.

Our last show for 2010 and always a great show to go to : Amsterdam Winner Show !

We could not have thought of a better end of the showyear 2010 :

Kalle Cattledrivers Castle : 1 Ex. - CAC & CACIB - Best of Breed and Winner 2010 !!


Sejer Milland Viva Vienna : 1 Ex. CAC - Youth CAC en Bets female and Winster en Junior Winster 2010 !!

Judge was Mr. Rui Oliviera uit Portugal. We had a great autumn in showring, hope to see you all next year !!


Today we organised a Coton walking event.We did not have much luck with teh weather, pootring rain almost all the time but happily some real "die hards"came to Dronten and w ehad a nice afternoon anyway with hot choco at the end to warm oureslves ...

Luca shows us you do not have to be a retriever to show a great waterretrieve...rain or no rain !


Today international show of Bleiswijk ( NL )

Vienna keeps going on with her great work in showring, today she took Exc. ! in youthclass and got Youth CAC and CAC but beside sthat today she took BOB !! Well done little girl !


Today is Ruby's 14-th birthday !! Time goes so fast...Ruby wa sour first Coton en the beginning of Cattledrivers Castle Coton's. She is still healthy and allert and we hope she stays with us for a while still....


CLubmatch dutch breedclub. We went toWijchen with 3 dogs and what great results !

Kalle Cattledrivers Castle 1 Exc. CAC - BOB - Clubwinner 2010 and a nice 4-th place in the mainring! He still can do it !

Sejer Milland Viva Vienna 1 Exc. CAC - Youth CAC en Best female!

Xantippe de Petites Folies 2 Exc. in veteran class.

Today Rotterdam International show, the first show for our new female "'Sejer Milland Viva Vienna" . She made a great start by taking 1 Excellent in youth class and becoming best female with CAC & Youth CAC !
Domi moved to Denmark todat. Elisabeth took him there by plane. He is going to stay with Aage and Anita Sejer. We hope he will be back with us spring 2011.
Puppies are born, more info on our puppyhomepage.
We have been at the International dogshow of Groningen with Domino, he took great results again with a 1 Exc. CAC/ CACIB en Best of Breed !

Keona has been succesfully mated to Domino. We hope for new puppies soon !!

New picture of Fergall and Findlay at "Puppies".


The puppies from Babs are born...2 little guys saw the light of life last sunday night. Babs and her boys do fine..

Today we where with Babs at the vet for an untrasound and he found puppies in her belly ! Now we can start to count down again....
Babs has been mated, we hope for puppies februari 2010. Check our puppy page for more info.
Great showresults for our little Domino again ! Today we where at Amsterdam Winner Show , Netherlands biggest dogshow of the year. Domino did great and got :CAC -Youth CAC,Youth Winner tittle and became BOB which gave him Winner 2009 tittle ....We are so proud of him ! Keona also did well, she took a first place in Champion class and got Reserve CAC/res.CACIB.

Ranger found himself a nice home in Wijk bij Duursteden ( NL)

Coton Carmel is in heat, we hope to have her mated somewhere end of next week.

Our daughter Elisabeth moved out this weekend.Born 23 years ago between teh dogs she cannot imagine a life without dogs so she took hoem with her her own Babs and her little friend Lana. They will life with her from now on and only have their puppies at our place ( and pay us plenty of visits ofcourse !)
Today all our dogs are examened again by Dr J.Gutteling ( ECVO eye specialist ) and all found clear again. Also our veterans Ruby (13 ) and Xanti (11 ) were checked and are just fine still....Always good news again !
11-10-2009 " A World Winner title for Kimani Cattledrivers Castle !! "

Great news reached us from World Dog Show in Bratislava !! Our dear friends Pieter and Rinske van der Meulen ( Colourful White kennel ) went there with "Kimani Cattledrivers Castle" born in our kennel and went home with great results ; Kimani Became Best Of Breed and got the tittle " World Winner 2009 " !!!! With an entry number of 100 Coton's it was an outstanding job !

Our great thank you goes out to Pieter and Rinske, besides all the tittles you won with Kimi in and outside our country you now put the crown on your and our work ; a new World Champion !! For as far as we know, the first dutch bred Coton that reached this high placement !

Eventhough Kimani was born here, he went to Rinske and Pieter at 8 weeks in age and they did all the great work with him , training with him, grooming him, entered him on lot's of shows...but most important part of all, their everlasting love for and trust in Kimani !! Thank you so much Pieter and Rinske !!

We are so proud to all 3 of you......


Domino did it again ! On the International Dogshow of Zwolle (NL) we had Domi entered in Youthclass again where he took Youth CAC.This was the 3-th CAC Young he needed to became officially " Dutch Youth Champion ". He also became BOB again with CAC. In the big group 9 (33 different breeds) judgement he took a 2-nd place , an excellent result for such a young boy ! So we are very proud to our younster !

(picture : W v.Vugt )


At the yearly clubshow of the dutch breedclub we had nice results. Domino was entered in youthclass and took a first place with Youth-CAC. He also became Best male with CAC. Our Keona took 1-st place with CAC and became best female in Championclass . In BOB judgement Domino took the BOB and became tittle " Clubwinner 2009 " . He became a nice 6-th place in teh best of show judgement.

( Picture : T.Wubben )


Today Lana's son was born ...His name : " Lone Ranger Cattledrivers Castle " It was a heavy delivery for little Lana that unfortunatly had to end in a C-Section. His little brother did'nt make it. Lana and Ranger now are doing just fine....

You can follow his development on our blog : http://cattledriverscastle.blogspot.com

After the ultrasounds showing some unclear things we went to the vet again today with Lana and she is pregnant of a twin. So now we look forward to next week when we expect their birth !
Today we went to teh International Dodshow of Rotterdam with our Domino. Our young boy did well, he received a fist place with Excellent and with that he got his first Youth-CAC. He also received reserve CAC.
Today Babs was allowed to come with Elisabeh to the school she works on as an Orthopedagogic. She was tested to see if she will fit into the team as a therpay dog to work among the childeren in the school. She behaved so well that it is highly likely that Babs and maybe one or two of our other dogs are gonna be working as therapy dogs among childeren that are not so fortunate to have a 100 % happy life. Dogs can do great jobs in this !We areso proud to our daughter for graduating this year universaty, finding a job right away and training Babs for this matter, most dreams don't come treu but this one, you have already have for years, seem to come true for you ! Go Babs & Elisabeth !
Clubshow in Germany today.We went to teh northern part of Germany and we took with us Xanti, who became best veteran, Keona, who became for teh thirth year " Vereinsiegerin " Best female, and little Domino who took 3 EXc.Our breedersgroup got great critics from Judge Petersen from Danmark. Our thanks goes out to Pieter and Rinske who entered our breedergroup for us and took for this matter Capuchino and Nina with them ! We want to congratulate Luis Ortis from teh USA with winning BOB with his Simba !

Our website is a little updated..new picture of Domino and Tindra are added to their own pages. In may we had a nice cotonwalk with all breeders and their ofspring and we had a nice day in the woods of Apeldoorn.

Last weeekend we took home again Lazare and spend some time with Aage and Anita. Thank you both for your trust in us with Lazare !


This weekend we showed a dog of our friends Aage en Anita in Dortmund / Germany " La Coquette My Diamond Lazare " and with great results ! By winning 3 CAC's in one weekend Lasse is German Champion VDH and German Champion CTV right away. On saterday Lasse even took a reserve Best in Show !! At this moment it's not clear how long Lasse will stay with us.
New pictures from our puppies added. By now all puppies found a proud new owner...

On friday the 6-th of March Babs her baby's where born.5 puppy's where born. That breeding is not always fun and just happiness we experienced again, on sunday we had to let go of one puppy...she passed the rainbow bridge.

We are happyand grateful Babs and her other 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls are doing just fine . We enjoy them a lot !

Pic's of them you can find on our puppypage.


Today we went to Groningen for an International dogshow with our veteran Ruby and our puppie Honesty. Both girls showed their best sides! Ruby took her tirth veteran CAC and now is officially " Veteran Champion of the Netherlands " her critics where very good on her condition and coat.

Honesty showed herself to a judge the very first time today in puppie class and it was a great succes, with great critics and a Very Promising 1 ! Well done little girl, we hope you keep on going being such a sparkling little girl in the ring !

Domino went with us for fun and he enjoyed his first steps in showring and all the attention he got from us and the public...

Now we waith for our Babs to give birth to her puppie's by the end of this week, see you next week !!

With proud we present our 2 newest additions in our kennel; Honesty of the Swift Cotton & Domino Cattledrivers Castle are added on our webpages. Check it out at "our dogs" .
Coton Carmel has been mated with Kalle. More information you can find on our puppy pages.

Onze Babs ( Coton Carmel ) is loops...we hopen haar volgende week te kunnen laten dekken en verwachten dan pups begin maart 2009. Meer informatie volgt snel op de puppy pagina.


Our Babs ( Coton Carmel ) is in heat...we hope to have her mated next week and hope for puppy's beginning of March 2009. More information will be available soon on our puppie pages.


Onze nieuwe website is online!


Our new website is online!



Inmiddels al weer heel wat nieuws te vertellen, 2 showweekenden verder...

Eerst Belgie, Charleroi met Keona en Kimani ( eig.Rinske van der Meulen) beide honden wonnen het Res.CAC-Res.CACIB.

De volgende dag was er de clubmatch van de rasvereniging, we gingen er met Keona en onze veteraan Ruby naar toe.

Keona won een 1 U in de Kampioensklasse en Ruby een 1 U in de veteranen klasse met het Veteranen CAC.

Een weekend later was de Bundessieger show in Dortmund, wederom een Res.CAC - Res.CACIB voor Keona.

Kimani won de Bundessiegertitel, gefeliciteerd Rinske !

Dit weekend zijn de pups van Sara ( onze Newfie) en Tindra geboren....

Kijk gauw op de puppypagina voor foto's


This weekend the puppies from both Tindra en Sara ( Our Newfoundland) where born...

check our puppy pages for more information

Vandaag met Tindra en Sara bij onze Dierenarts in Ermelo geweest voor een echo en beide dames hebben puppy's in hun buikjes..onder de foto van Tindra met heel duidelijk zichtbaar een vruchtblaas met daar in het embryootje en de placenta.


Today we went with Tindra and Sara to our vet for an ultrasound and both lady's showed baby's in their tummy. Below a pic of the ultrasound of Tindra with very clear visible the puppy in it's bag with the placenta.

Vandaag met Keona Cattledrivers Castle naar de Nationale tentoonstelling in Leuven - Belgie geweest. Keona deed het weer uitstekend en won het CAC en werd tevens Beste van het Ras.Ook hadden we Kimani Cattledrivers Castle bij ons (Eig: R.van der Meulen- Tuinstra) ook hij deed het uitstekend, CAC en BOS.


Today we went with Keona Cattledrivers Castle to Leuven National dogshow in Belgium. Keona did a great job again by taking Best of Breed and CAC.

We also took Kimani Cattledrivers Castle with us ( owner : R. van der Meulen - Tuinstra ) he also did great taking best of opposite and CAC.

Internationale Tentoonstelling Outdoor Uden. Keona is vandaag beste teef geworden met CAC & CACIB.

Lana werd 1-ste Uitmuntend in de jeugdklasse en kreeg haar 2-de Jeugd CAC & Res. CAC.


International Show Outdoor Uden. Keona took BOS with CAC & CACIB again.

Lana got a first place in youthclass with Exc. Youth CAC and reserve CAC.

Vandaag waren we met Keona en Lana naar de openluchtshow in Hulten. Slechts enkele weken na het vertrek van haar pupjes straalt keetje weer in de ring en wordt BOB ( CAC & CACIB ) Met deze uitslag is ook Keona nu Internationaal Kampioen.

Lana la Luna wint de jeugdklasse en krijgt het jeugd- CAC...we zijn trots op onze meiden !!


Today we went to show with Keona and Lana, The international show in Hulten. Just a few weeks after her puppy's left her our Keona was shining again in showring and took BOB ( CAC & CACIB ) With this result Keona is now also International Champion FCI.

Lana La Luna took 1-ste place in youthclass and got Youth CAC. We're proud at the girls !

Afgelopen weekend waren we na een lange show break weer op show met onze hondjes in Wieze ( B)

Kalle Cattledrivers Castle werd BOB kreeg het CAC en het CACIB en de titel Hopkoning 2008

Met deze uitslag is Kalle nu Internationaal Kampioen !!!

Onze kleine Lana ging voor het eerst mee naar show, ze kreeg in de jeugdklasse een 1 Uitmuntend en werd Hopprinses 2008.

KLeine Lana had de grootste lol, wat voor ons misschien nog wel het leukste van de dag was.....


Last weekend we where at show again after a long showbreak and not without succes...in Wieze, Belgium

Kalle Cattledrivers Castle became BOB, got CAC - CACIB and title Hopkoning 2008.

With this results Kalle is now official Champion International FCI.

Our little Lana we had entered in youthclass, got a first place with exc. and became best youth dog with title Hopprincess 2008.

Lana enjoyed the showground so much that she almost smiled which was maybe our biggest happiness of that day :-)


Nieuwe foto's van de pups ****** new puppypictures


Helaas bereikte ons ook droevig nieuws vandaag, onze eerste geimporteerde reu Cheriban Amico e Fortuna is overleden.

Hij heeft de strijd tegen kanker verloren.

Mico woonde bij Henk en Wilma en deed met hun enthousiast agility. Mic was papa van 2 van onze nestjes. Onze Tindra is zijn kleindochter.

Onze dank gaat uit naar Henk en Wilma, voor alles wat zij met Mico hebben gedaan afgelopen jaren ! Hij heeft een gouden tijd gehad bij jullie !


Unfortunately also sad news reached us recently...our first imported male Cheriban Amico e Fortuna died...

He lost the fight against cancer...

Mico lived with Wilma and Henk and was a great agility dog. Mico sired with us 2 litters. Our Tindra is his granddaughter.

We want to say thank you to Wilma and Henk for all they did for Mico...he had a wonderful life with you both !!

Puppypagina's ge-update met nieuwe foto's

Youki is naar koninginnendag geweest......we kregen foto's van haar mama...

Nieuwe foto's van de puppy's.

Ze hebben ook hun namen gekregen.

De pupjes zijn geboren op maandag 31 maart.

Keona heeft prima haar best gedaan, ze was rustig tijdens de bevalling en is een hele lieve moeder. Er waren 2 reutjes en 1 teefje, helaas hebben we 1 reutje moeten laten inslapen wat altijd weer enorm verdrietig is....

U kunt hun vorderingen volgen op de puppypagina...

Keona is gedekt door Spikey ( Moonlight ) we hopen dus weer op pupjes !!


Keona has been mated by Moonlight, so we hope for springpuppy's !

We willen alle bezoekers van onze website een heel gezond en gelukkig 2008 wensen !!!


We wish all visitors of our website a happy and healthy newyear !!


De laatste pupjes vliegen uit deze dagen. Vandaag is kleine Youki naar haar nieuwe huisje gegaan in Kampen.

Morgen vertrekt haar zusje Yennice. We wensen hen beide alle goeds toe !!

Nieuws uit 2007!