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The Coton de Tulear is a small white companion dog. He owns his name to his coat structure and the place he used to live: the area Tulear on the Island Madagascar situated in front of the African coast.

His long coat is white, sometimes with some light champagne or grey-colored spots, especially on his head, which gives him his funny look. The Coton does not shed, loose hair you will only find in the brush. The Coton don't needs a lot of grooming or bathing. He only needs to be thoroughly brushed to remove dirt and avoid tangles in his coat.

The Coton has a very cheerful character. He loves people a lot which makes him the perfect family-dog. He loves to play flyball or agility. The Coton can be very obedient but needs to be trained from young age. Many people before us called him the 'clown' under the dogs and he gives that name absolutely credit!!!

The Cotton is not a softy; when he scents danger he will let you know!!! All day long alone at home is not appreciated by the Coton....

An adult Coton has a weight of around 5 kg and a height between 22 & 32 cm. He has strong muscle and bone. He has very good staying-power, which make long walks possible.

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